This information last updated February 2nd, 2010


Unique nude models wanted... I'd love a chance to work together to create beautiful, sensual images of you. If you were handed a business card, or I sent you an email, I really want to work with you. Even if I haven't seen you yet, if you are a real goth girl (or similarly unique) in New England, I'd love to shoot you. You could be in photos like the ones on my sites.

Want to become a glamour model... shoot glamour and artistic nudes, mostly with dark, gothic, and fetish themes. I have opportunities in gothic and alternative modeling for strange but beautiful girls from 18-25. I always do test shoots with new models. Tests pay $50 per day, and offer digital sample images. In some cases, later shoots pay much more competetive rates. To see what sort of things I shoot, check out my portfolio.

Who do you want?

We want you, you delicious freak! I need goth girls and other uniquely beautiful alternative chicks. If you have an interesting look, and are between the ages of 18 and 27, we'd love to talk. (We don't want any male models, sorry.) Regular models ("the Blood Dolls") appear regularly in photo sets. We are looking for real goth girls who want to do something beautiful and daring. (We are no longer booking non-alternative models, or models who aren't comfortable modeling nude.)

Anything in particular?

We'll know it when we see it... Generally, I'm looking for girls with a goth look, or something like one. (I don't care much about labels.) To add some variety to the site, I'd love some people who are perfect Blood Dolls in different ways from the current girls. I am only looking for girls in New England, or who can travel easily to the area-- I am no longer in the UK.

I have worked with dozens of models. The latest generation are almost all amateurs who had never modeled before. Preference will be given to gothic girls who don't model for a living, and just want to give it a try on our site. I do sometimes work with established models, but the ones who are in it to have fun are always better to work with, and produce better results.

The best thing to do is to send me a picture, so I can see what you look like. A little info about yourself would also help, as personality matters. In most cases, we set up a test shoot-- just like a regular shoot only with less pay and fewer expectations. 

What is the modelling like?

Naughty but nice. The content of the site is all nude but primarily artistic, anything from fully clothed, to strip teases, to complete nudity. The level of nudity will depend on the model. We do require nude shots, though. You should be comfortable with being photographed totally nude, with only the bottom concealed, and I prefer models who are comfortable with any pose that makes the best photgraph-- though I'm not into being particularly explicit.

My work is often erotic, but never hardcore. Models will often pose together, but will not be asked to do anything more. Likewise, some shoots will have fetish themes, but not fetish activity. I won't ask anyone to do anything they are uncomfortable with; I'm not into that.

To see more, check out my portfolio site, and click some of the links there. If you want to see more in order to be sure, let me know. Once you see my work, I think you will be eager to work together! I pride myself on making truly beautiful and dark images that you can be proud of too.

Yeah, but where are you?

Here and there... I am based in the northeast USA (Massachusetts), and work mostly at a studio in Lawrence, MA. I can go over the exact details of shooting, such as the type of location, scheduling, etc. once we know we want to work together. I always try to be accomodating and flexible.

What are the rates?

Special Rates for Select Models...  I now offer special rates for select models who suit my style, by invitation or application. See this page for more info. (A limited number of spots are available each year.)

Portrait Service Available...  For those who don't qualify for these limited spots, my regular portrait rates apply.

I wanna play too! What do I do next?

Just send the man an email, already! To talk to me about modeling, just send an email. It's simple and painless. Thanks for checking us out. We're glad to answer any and all questions. Get in touch soon, and you might make my next annual portfolio, or one of my shows.

Don't go. I have so many questions left to ask...

If you have more questions, email for more info. I am glad to go over anything. Better yet, fill our the online application form.